About Drug Rehab

drug rehab counseling

Drug rehab is the term used to describe substance abuse treatment that takes place either in an inpatient, residential or outpatient facility. An increase in substance abuse has led to a growing number of drug rehabilitation programs being developed to help those in need. Addiction treatment has now taken on many forms and includes holistic care, 12-step programs and many other treatment modalities. Together, these programs have helped millions of people to overcome addiction and get on the right path to living a sober life.

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What is Drug Rehab?

The first step to finding and choosing the best drug rehab is to understand exactly what drug rehab is and what the various types of drug rehab are. Drug rehab focuses on helping those who are addicted to drugs to learn how to get past the physical desire to use, learn how to live healthy and learn how to say no to drugs. The term encompasses a whole range of types of treatment including counseling, therapy, aftercare, support groups and medical intervention that is used with the sole purpose of treating addiction.

Counselors and therapists probe the minds of those addicted to get to the root of their addiction and determine which means of treatment will work best for each patient. Some of the treatments that are used in drug rehab include:

  • holistic approaches including acupuncture, massage, herbal remedies and healthy meals
  • exercise to facilitate physical health
  • detoxification which may include medication replacement therapy or medical intervention
  • counseling that is provided in both an individual setting as well as a group setting
  • support groups including Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and general support
  • psychological care to treat co-occurring mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression

Who Needs Drug Rehab?

Many people can use drugs without ever having a problem with building a tolerance or developing a physical drug dependence but some will quickly develop a dependence on drugs that requires treatment when they decide to stop. Those who become physical addicted to drugs or who are psychologically dependent on drugs will require drug rehab and counseling in order to effectively rid their lives of the addiction. Each individual is different and the level of treatment and care that is required to facilitate sobriety will differ greatly from one addict to the next which is why some can attend outpatient drug rehab and others find themselves needing a more invasive form of treatment such as inpatient drug rehab.

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