Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab

dual diagnosis conditionsIt is estimated that as many as 45% of all people who suffer from addiction also have a co-occurring disorder. For the nearly 9 million Americans who suffer from substance abuse and mental illness, dual diagnosis drug rehab provides effective treatment that can get them back on track. Unfortunately, less than 10% of those who suffer from co-occurring disorders actually receive the proper treatment and care to get them well and because of this, millions of people bounce in and out of rehab trying to find help.

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What is Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab?

Dual diagnosis treatment in drug rehab takes place when a philosophy of treatment that incorporates both clinical treatment for addiction and for mental illness is used to help a patient overcome substance abuse and mental illness. Whenever an individual is addicted to drugs and also has an underlying mental illness such as anxiety, depression, or a similar disorder there is a need for more than just an addiction treatment focus. The focus must be on both the substance abuse disorder as well as the psychiatric disorder.

Probably the simplest way to describe the reason why there are so many cases of dual diagnosis is because many people who use drugs do so in an effort to self-medicate some other condition. Most of the time the condition is psychiatric but in some cases the condition may be a medical issue such as chronic pain, disease or chronic illness. Regardless of the type of co-occurring condition, dual diagnosis drug rehab centers recognize the need to provide treatment for both conditions in order to help the patient succeed and remain sober.

A very common problem that anyone who is dually diagnosed should be prepared to recognize is a treatment program that focuses too much time on one diagnosis ant not the other. While it is vital that the treatment staff get to the bottom of each condition, it is equally vital that adequate and equal treatment be provided for both the substance abuse problem and the co-occurring condition.

Studies estimate that as many as 65% of people who abuse drugs also have at least one co-occurring mental health disorder, and more than half of all people who suffer from a mental health disorder also abuse drugs. If you or someone you know has a substance abuse problem, consider the possibility that you may also suffer from a co-occurring mental health condition that requires treatment.

Dual diagnosis drug rehab may just be your best chance at getting the help you need to finally get sober.

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