Holistic Drug Rehab

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For some, traditional treatment methods are not enough to provide a foundation for long term recovery from drug addiction. Many patients find that there is more to their addiction than a simple urge to use and that they need more out of treatment than counseling and therapy. For those who are looking for something more, holistic drug rehab may be the solution, providing a total body approach to substance abuse treatment that integrates healing methods for the mind, body and spirit.

Holistic drug rehab offers a whole person, wellness centered approach to rehabilitation that has been proven highly effective.  Though relatively new in the addiction treatment world, holistic therapy has been used throughout ancient culture to help people heal.

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What is Holistic Drug Rehab?

Traditional rehab programs focus on the addiction and spend little time trying to heal the emotional, spiritual or psychological health of the addict. In fact, many programs do not even asses the addict properly to determine the presence of prior health concerns that could very well be at the root the addiction. This leaves the entire treatment process up in the air and even after an addict completes treatment, he or she is likely to relapse because of the still very present health problems or loss in spiritual faith.

Holistic drug rehab looks to prevent the instance of relapse by providing the patient with treatment for all aspects of their health and wellness including their mental well-being, physical wellness, emotional wellness and spiritual wellness. The cutting-edge approach to drug addiction treatment that integrates alternative and complementary medicine with traditional treatment modalities has helped thousands of people to overcome substance abuse and make a full recovery.

What to Expect

Holistic drug rehab has recently gained greater popularity among treatment professionals and rehab centers throughout the country. These programs are being used around the world to help those who are in recovery to achieve the highest rate of success in their rehabilitation. Here’s what you can expect when you enter holistic drug rehab for the treatment of a substance abuse problem:

  • Assessment to determine what the cause of your addiction is and what your health is like. The assessment will provide the foundation for counselors, therapists and medical staff to develop a treatment protocol that is designed just for your individual needs.
  • Detox in a clean, comfortable environment that uses medications, herbal remedies, and alternative therapies to keep you comfortable. This may include the use of acupuncture or massage to reduce withdrawal symptoms and to promote relaxation.
  • Counseling and therapy that is focused on psychological healing. This may include counseling for past situations as well as the current.
  • Aftercare programs that provide guidance, support, and life skills opportunities. These programs aid in the transition from holistic drug rehab to society.

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