Christian Drug Rehab

Christian woman

The essential treatment backed by the love, compassion and faith in God that is provided in Christian drug rehab programs is what helps those who have fallen victim to addiction to heal and recover. Many people, Christians especially, who have become addicted to drugs lose faith in God, in themselves and in others as a result of their addiction. Christian drug rehab can help to eliminate the negativity in an individual’s life by providing him or her with a foundation to recover in the healing hands of God.


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Treatment Guidelines

Christian drug rehab programs utilize a series of guidelines in treatment to help those who are addicted to drugs to heal in the following ways:

  • physically
  • emotionally
  • spiritually
  • socially

Most of the time, the treatment is based on 12-steps of recovery which are centered around accepting God as a higher power and giving up ones self to the healing power of faith. Patients will admit that they are powerless in their addiction and that they must accept help from God in order to get well.

Throughout Christian drug rehab, medical intervention as well as spiritual intervention and guidance are used to help patients heal. Gradually, those in recovery will come to understand their addiction and their efforts to recover will become stronger and more efficient. Backed by a pastor, medical team, counselors, and therapists who all specialist in addiction treatment, these programs can provide those in recovery with the life skills, support, medical care and spiritual guidance necessary to facilitate full recovery from drug addiction.

The Healing Power of Prayer

Christian drug rehab encourages those who are in treatment to give God a chance and to allow Him to help them heal spiritually and physically. These programs use the power of prayer rather significantly throughout the treatment process to encourage spiritual healing. A pastor will usually guide the prayer and healing with daily devotions that are focused on the unique needs of those in recovery from addiction.

Patients are further encouraged to follow the principles of the bible and the philosophy of Christianity in every step of their lives, especially during the difficult times when addiction has taken over. Because the spirit of an addict is often broken and severely damaged, Christian drug rehabs place much of the treatment focus on spiritual healing to help patients get back on track.

If you or someone you love has had their spirit broken, battered or bruised by addiction, there is help! Christian drug rehab programs can provide the foundation for a life-long journey of recovery and spiritual happiness.

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