Free Drug Rehab

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A common myth that many addicts find themselves believing is that they have to have insurance, money or collateral in order to get treatment for their drug addiction. The truth is there are many free drug rehab programs available to assist those who have limited resources to cover the cost of treatment and who are willing to seek help. Free drug rehab programs provide a no-cost solution to addiction that helps patients down the path of sobriety and recovery.

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Types of Free Drug Rehab

Free drug rehab is available in many different forms so it’s important to understand what methods of treatment are offered in order to make a decision as to what the best type of treatment will be for your needs. The following types of free drug rehab may be offered in your area:

  • State funded rehab programs
  • Government funded rehab programs
  • Free rehab for women who are pregnant
  • Free rehab for women with children
  • Salvation army

Which Program is Right for Me?

Many states offer free drug rehab programs that provide localized treatment for substance abuse disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. These programs may be the ideal solution for you if you can find a program that is located relatively close to your home and it has an open spot to accept you for treatment.

Government funded rehab programs are often provided through the military, army, navy or a similar entity. There are also government rehab programs offered on the state level. Sometimes, it will take a court order to be accepted into these programs. If you’ve been in legal trouble as a result of your addiction, talk with your lawyer or public defender about the option to go into treatment instead of going to jail. This could land you a spot in a government funded rehab program.

Many free rehab programs, especially those offered on the state or government level, are provided to minorities or to specific groups of people such as women who are pregnant or women who have children. If you are pregnant or have children and suffer from a substance abuse problem, talk with your local community resource officer about the availability of a local rehab program for your needs.

The Salvation Army provides free drug rehabilitation in a Christian based program that is open to those who are homeless, unemployed or under-employed and cannot afford treatment. There has been some scrutiny in the past about the program that is offered by the Salvation Army as it does require patients to take part in the Christian principles but one can’t really complain about receiving totally free treatment.

There are probably other methods of free drug rehab provided in your area. If you are unsure of your options, contact a rehab professional for more assistance in finding a program that is right for you. Most importantly, don’t fall victim to the myth that you must have money or insurance in order to get help for your addiction!

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