Myths About Treatment for Heroin Addicts

Like many things in medicine, there are many myths surrounding treatment for heroin addicts. These myths can discourage you from seeking the treatment you desperately need. Fortunately, most of these myths are easily dispelled.

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1.Seeking Treatment Makes you Weak

Addiction is a disease not a moral failing. Seeking treatment for heroin addiction is no weaker than seeking treatment for high blood pressure or diabetes. According to the Oklahoma State Government, addiction is not a character flaw and there is no shame in getting treatment for it. Thousands of people need treatment to get away from heroin.

2.You can’t Do it On Your Own

You need help. Heroin addiction is very difficult to end. When you stop using heroin the withdrawal symptoms alone often make you relapse back into your heroin use. One of the hardest ways to end a heroin addiction is by trying to do it on your own.

3.Heroin Addiction Treatment has to be Voluntary

Treatment for heroin addicts does not have to be voluntary. The treatment can be court ordered or you could be in jail and receiving treatment. Your family or friends can force you into addiction treatment by using an intervention or negative consequences. You do not have to want treatment to receive help.

4.Your Addiction will Kill you Eventually

With heroin addiction, it is only a matter of time. If overdose does not get you HIV or crime related to heroin addiction will. So many people overdose on heroin each year that the Center for Disease Control is calling heroin related death an epidemic.

5.Treatment is a One Time Thing

Heroin addiction treatment is an ongoing process. You have the same chance of relapsing back into a heroin addiction as you do any other disease. Most heroin addicts relapse at least once. This is less likely to happen, if you are in continuing treatment. For some treatment is a life long process.

Why Choose Outpatient Treatment for Heroin Addicts?

There are many forms of treatment for heroin addicts. One of the most popular forms is outpatient treatment for heroin addiction. During outpatient treatment you can attend treatment all day or attend a serious of daily, weekly, or monthly appointments.

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You can Remain at Home

One of the main reasons to choose outpatient treatment is the fact that you can remain home. If you home is a safe and comfortable place for you, you can seek solace in your home environment. It is important that you home is safe before you choose outpatient treatment.

You can Keep your Job

If you are still employed, keeping your job is probably a priority. Outpatient treatment lets you work and attend treatment at the same time. This is particularly useful if you need

You can Stay in or go to School

If you are in college or thinking about attending college, you can with outpatient treatment. This is particularly true if you need long term addiction therapy. You can attend all of your classes while still in treatment for your addiction. You cannot do this if you are in long term inpatient treatment.

There is Help for Single Parents

If you are a single parent, inpatient treatment may not be possible. Most outpatient treatment clinics have some form of childcare assistance while you are attending appointments. If not they usually know where to find it.

You can Remain with Your Family and Friends

Outpatient treatment for heroin addicts is difficult. With the support of your family and friends, it can be easier. A good support structure is vital to any addiction treatment program. According to the Mayo Clinic, even just joining a self-help group can give you support for your addiction.

Outpatient treatment is a viable option for those who need to remain in the community during heroin addiction treatment. These are all reasons why outpatient treatment may be right for you.

Why Choose Inpatient Treatment for Heroin Addicts?

Inpatient treatment is one treatment for heroin addicts that is highly effective. It is a residential form of treatment where you stay at the treatment facility until it is decided that you are no longer in danger of relapsing. Inpatient heroin addiction treatment comes in both short and long term forms.

Your Friends or Family Uses Heroin Too

When you are attempting to get away from heroin, being around it is extremely difficult. This is particularly true if they encourage you to use.

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You are Not Safe

Heroin addiction and violence go hand in hand. If you home environment is not safe due to domestic or other types of violence, inpatient treatment is a way to get off heroin and away from the violence.

During inpatient treatment, you will receive the counseling you need to help you get over the violence as well as the addiction to heroin. They will also help you get out of the violent situation with sober housing and other social services.

There are Many Triggers in Your Home Environment

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a trigger is a cue that starts cravings. If you experience one of these cues before you are ready, it could trigger a relapse. During inpatient treatment, you are away from your environment and away from your triggers. Counselors will help you identify and deal with your triggers before you leave the treatment facility.

You Have Lost Your Home to Addiction

Many people lose more than their job to the addiction. Some people lose their home. If you are homeless, an inpatient treatment center may be the answer to getting your home back.

You Have Tried Other Forms of Treatment and Failed

Trying a treatment and failing is not unusual in treatment for heroin addicts. If you have tried other types of treatment and they did not work for you, inpatient treatment may be an option. It is excellent for particularly stubborn addictions.